What would you do for a….

So if you know me, you know I’m a little overly obsessed with dogs, and most animals.

Today as I was driving, I pulled onto a main street from stopping at Marshalls (of course) and this nice person stopped to let me in, and then… I yelped! As I was making a left onto the main street, I realized there was a newfie sticking it’s adorable and mammoth head out the back window.  I started talking to myself in a baby voice “Oh that dog is so cute, I love Newfies, Oh hi cutie pie!” and then realized… WAIT! They’re going to Petsmart! So… I turned around (U-Turn) and tried to catch up to them. It appears they were not going to PetSmart, and I lost them….

Is it weird that I would go to such lengths to pet a newfie? Is it weird that I would do it for any dog?
Since I love them so much, I figure I’ll share some adorable pictures.

 Yes I realize this is a pony and a newfie, it makes me laugh.

So adorable!

PS I interviewed to work at a Doggy Day Care here, and they turned me down, mostly because of my schedule, but they said “You were too nice” with the dogs… since when is that a bad thing?

Peace and Puppy love! (If you’re a true lover click here!)

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  • Your picture of the Landseer Newfie And the “matching” miniature pony is adorable, and so is the puppy, who looks just like our YogiBear when he was that age. We have three Newfies – BooBoo, YogiBear and ChiChi. They are so loving, cute, energetic and we go on great long walks with them. As we live in the countryside they have great fun playing in the fields and hunting. Our garden resembles a war zone in places – it has craters all over as one of their hobbies is excavation; they are also cleptomaniacs, so if some of our possessions are missing, we look for them in the garden!