I’ve got BIG news today, and it’s been a long time coming! For the past three years, I’ve been working full time, and growing Sugar and Type as my side hustle. It’s been a lot of work, and totally worth it. I was able to learn, grow, and really test the waters with Sugar and Type to figure out what I really wanted, and what worked for me. Today, I am leaving my day job as an Art Director so I can pour my energy into this business. (Cue fist bumps, confetti, dance moves). So get ready for lots of updates to the products, and some exciting new projects in the works. And yes – the planner is coming SO SOON and I can’t wait to share it. Be sure to follow along on instagram for updates! Thank you so much to everyone for your support while I juggled my jobs, and for believing in me and helping me grow – I’m so excited for this new chapter!

Also – major high fives to my job for teaching me so much and helping me grow, I met some amazing people and I have promised to keep in touch. I’ve also taken on a position as an adjunct professor in Typography at RIT’s School of Design, I couldn’t be more excited!

Creative Crush Revival

Creative Crush is back! I put blogging to the back burner as I focused on some exciting projects, but I’m so happy to be back at it today with Dina Rodriguez of Letter Shoppe! I subscribe to Dina’s newsletter (and you can too). Dina just quit her job to pursue her lettering career, and she’s going to, and already is kicking some MAJOR ass!

by VEV Studios

by VEV Studios

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS : I love being my own boss and being in charge of my own time. I work when and where I want. I have a very specific process that goes against industry standards so it’s nice that I can create my own terms so I can deliver my best work. Also, being paid to do what I love doesn’t hurt either.

FAVORITE CANDY/TREAT : Is it weird to say fruit? I love chocolate and candy but I don’t really eat them very much. Healthy body, healthy mind right? If I had to choose I would say it’s a tie between apples and cherries.

WHAT’S A RECENT FAVORITE FIND : I’m a big fan of Buffer, both their product and blog and they recently shared there top reads, one of which was “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. I remember my mom actually telling to read it when I was about 13 and I totally threw my nose at it. Come to find later in my twenties it was the most life changing book I’ve ever read and in retrospective I probably would of have made much better decisions if I had read it in the first place when my mom suggested it over 15 years ago. Go figure.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED WITH YOUR WORK : I’ve been a designer for the past decade but didn’t really fall in love with typography until 2012 where a popular lettering artist by the name of Sean McCabe came on my radar. His work inspired me to try lettering and I have been lettering every day since. I’m proud to say that it’s because of that spark of curiosity that I’m a full time hand lettering artist today.

WHY DO YOU BLOG : Honestly, I blog to connect with people. I’ve gone to my fair share of networking events where there were so many green designers coming into the industry completely unprepared for what was ahead of them. Being one of those naive designers myself not to long ago, I wanted to help these creatives in a much larger way. I can reach much more people blogging than I can in real life and by writing down my thoughts I can solidify my own ideas and better educate myself on how to be a better artist.




ANY ADVICE FOR FELLOW ENTREPRENEURS : Try it before you buy it. If your anything like me you get a ton of ideas and you change your mind at the drop of a hat . You see something cool, new and shiny that you wanna try and then by the time you figure out you don’t even like doing it you have already invested a large some of money and resources.

So to those of you that are interested in learning a new trade or skill, I recommend scouring the internet for FREE resources first. The internet gets bigger and bigger every day and I’m sure no matter what you want to learn you can probably learn for free and try it out little by little. Then once you have reached the bottom of the barrel of free tutorials online, and still have the craving to learn more, then take the opportunity to invest in a paid course or class. Work smarter, not harder and save money.

 WHO’S A FELLOW ENTREPRENEUR YOU’RE CRUSHING ON RIGHT NOW : There are a few creatives that have a major influence on me. The three that I talk about the most would be Mary Kate McDevitt, Nathan Yoder and Sean McCabe. They are all lettering artists that have paved the way for me in one way or another. There willingness to share what they have learned and there transparency on their failures has very much been a large part of how I got to be where I am today.


Get to know Dina and check out her amazing work! Beautiful photos from talented Gia Goodrich.



I’ve you’ve been following along, you know I’m obsessed with this quote from The Lively Show (and Jess, and Kate). I’m so excited to share the collaboration with Jess, we’re now offering multiple products with this wonderful quote, so you can always have a reminder to be authentic, and you! Head over to the Lively Show, and shop until you drop!


Bloom Yellow


I know, I haven’t written in quite some time, but I thought today’s topic was definitely worth sharing. I’ve been an admirer of Joanna Waterfalls work for some time, and was fortunate enough to work under her creative direction a couple years ago for a project. She’s as kind as could be, and so talented. She recently founded this incredible conference, The Yellow Conference, a place for ladies who want to change the world. Head over to the website to hear all about it, and if you’re on the West Coast – you have no excuse for missing it. Now, Joanna is expanding the concept, and creating an online hub for female creatives can connect, receive mentoring, and take classes covering business and life (UM HELLO, YES PLEASE!). Creating this type of digital space is going to take a lot of time, and money, and she needs your help! The best part, is that for even donating a couple dollars, you get an awesome reward. When she talked with the beautiful women from Go Live HQ in a recent google hangout, I couldn’t break away. I loved everything they were talking about, and felt like it was a great reflection of all the joy and valuable information, and friendships that this network will bring. The girls reminded me that done is better than perfect. Take that first step, weather it’s sharing your product, ordering a print, or launching your website – just do it, there’s plenty of room to grow and learn. I couldn’t be more excited about this, and I can’t wait to become a member and connect with so many amazing women like Joanna! Join the club, and share the love!

Perfect Gifts for Llama Lovers

I’m sure you all saw your facebook feed blowing up with loose llamas last week. Of course, my phone blew up with friends making sure I’d seen the mysterious captivating creatures. They are pretty dang adorable. Yes, llama therapy sounds amazing, does this mean I also have that effect on people (maniacal laugh)? This event also prompted a lot of google searches including all things llamas. When a friend sent me a link to 21 Perfect Gifts for Llama Lovers, I noticed that Buzzfeed missed a few critical llamas pieces that have graced my possession (or wish-list).

1) Llama Salt and Pepper Shakers from Archie McPhee ($10) I found these through the talented Shauna of Nubby Twiglet, and immediately purchased them. Archie McPhee has amazing customer service, and I’ve heard the actual store is just incredible. (Image via Nubby Twiglet)

Salt and Pepper Llamas

2) This amazing print from Water In My Paint ($16.41) Yep – this is hanging on my wall, and I’m obsessed, it makes me smile every time I see it (which is all the time). Water In My Paint Llama

3) Llama Pajamas – Don’t worry, no llamas were harmed during the making of these pants.

Anthro Llama Pajamas
4) Gold Lasercut Plastic Necklace ($20)  – comes in turquoise too! I made this, it’s available in my shop, so I’m baised, but I wear it with everything. Sugar and Type Gold Llama Necklace

5) Llamas are Llovers // Llamas Spit On Mean People Posters ($15)
Llamas Spit Poster

6) Boho Se Llama Tank (24.99) Yes please!
Boho Me Llama Tank

I could literally go on for days, I even made a pinterest board just dedicated to Llamas, because they’re that great.

If you’ve got a favorite llama item be sure to share it with me! And because I’m so excited about Llamas – go ahead and take 15% off the etsy shop with code “llamalover”!

Squarespace Special Offer!

specialofferGuys, I recently became addicted to Squarespace. It’s so intuitive and easy to use, and I’m loving it! It’s definitely got limitations compared to wordpress, but it’s a great place to start. Beautiful designs, simple interface and responsive websites. I’m opening 3 spots to my favorite readers (that’s you!) to work with me and build your squarespace website! If you’re interested and didn’t receive the email be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, and email hello@sugarandtype.com to get more info!


New Product with Lucends

I’ve seen Lucinda’s beautiful work at many local shows, and loved every item! I’m so excited that I had an opportunity to work with her on this new collection of really fun office supplies! We’re excited to have four new products to share with you, available exclusively in the Sugar and Type Etsy shop! This is a total paper party, and a great way to organize in style. If you’re anything like me, organization is key. I use these notepads to make daily lists, and I totally enjoy crossing them off throughout the day. I love writing a fresh clean list each week (or day) and planning out my priorities, and the days ahead. We’ve also got folders, and a spiral notebook, perfect for journaling, or taking notes in class (okay fine, or more lists!). These items are now available for PRE-ORDER – products will be available mid-march, and they’re limited, so order now! I can’t wait to see how you rock your #stloveslucends products, be sure to share how you’re using them on social media!

Sugar and Type Notepad, Collab with Lucends Sugar and Type Notepad, Collab with Lucends

Valentines Day Coupon Printables

I’ve already told you how much I love Valentine’s Day in my last free printable, but I’m at it again! I couldn’t resist making some “love coupons” that don’t suck! I made a list of things I’d want in a coupon, and decided to just leave it blank so you could write your own!

DIY Valentines Coupon Printable
Yet another really easy one for you! Download the link at the bottom of this post, and print it on a heavy cardstock at home. There are crop marks included, so just cut it out, and fill in the blanks! I like to use an x-acto knife for cutting – the trick is to use a cutting board, sharp blade, and a ruler. The biggest tip for using a knife is to not cut all the way to the edges, just go right past the crop marks so that your marks stay intact, and your piece will pop right out, leaving one scrap to recycle. DIY Valentines Coupon Printable  DIY Valentines Coupon PrintableDIY Valentines Coupon Printable DIY Valentines Coupon Printable
What are you going to write as your coupon? Are you giving it to a friend, family member or significant other? I want to hear! Let me know on social media what you do with your coupons! I hope your day is filled with lots of chocolate! DIY Valentines Coupon Printable

Download the printable here and personalize your coupons!

Mr + Muse Coupon!

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and I’ve got a last minute idea for you! Mr + Muse is a new Men’s Underwear company, and they were kind enough to send my husband Gregg a pair of their Belinda Underwear for Valentine’s Day! Their products are a fun and personal way to give your man a little treat. Besides a beautifully designed product and packaging, the product is made in the US, and the company is an advocate of all fun, healthy and fulfilling relationships that bring people closer together.

Mr + Muse Valentine's DayMr + Muse Valentine's Day  Mr + Muse Valentine's Day Mr + Muse Valentine's Day  Mr + Muse Valentine's Day
I have to say, this is a super fun gift for both of you :), and I was so impressed with the quality! I love that when you order online you can customize your message on the blue card, it makes for a really nice touch in the already cohesive packaging. The best part? Mr + Muse is offering my readers 30% off The Belinda this week, so order quick!

take 30% off your order of The Belinda with code “LoveIsSweet”

Mr + Muse gifted me this product after connecting with them about a previous order – all opinions are my own (and my husbands!)