Bike Tubes + Pencils

I ALWAYS carry a notepad with me, and an assortment of pens, as I’ve got a mind full of ideas, and always need a place to write them down, or sketch an idea from an “aha” moment. Uncommon Goods was nice enough to send me the Bike Tube Journal Bandolier to use! I loved it the minute I saw it – as I’m a huge fan of cycling. I’m not fast, or really good with balance, but my fiance sure is, so he’s introduced me to the sport, and I’m a really great spectator at all his races. Finally a product that combines my love for the art of writing, and bicycles! Two things that NEVER go well together (can you imagine trying to write while on a bike?!)


Shop for someone you like, really like, or really really like.  They have gifts under $100, under $50, and there’s so much variety! Now’s the time to get “housewarming” gifts, as it seems like everyone’s moving (more on that later), or just stock up on all their amazing gadgets, decorations, and art!

Thank you SO much to Uncommon Goods for being amazing! I can’t wait to purchase holiday gifts there this year!


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