Reality Check: Boston Marathon


First off, let me start my saying, if you or anyone you know was affected by Boston’s tragedy – I’m thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts your way. As did many, I felt very disturbed, and of course, saddened by yesterday’s events. I immediately checked in with family and friends who were in the area, who were thankfully physically okay, but traumatized forever.

Sugar and Type is making “Wicked Strong” tshirts, and greeting cards to help those injured in the explosion.

Together, we can be Wicked Strong, and show Boston how much we care. By purchasing a shirt, or pack of greeting cards, you’ll be contributing. All net proceeds will be donated to benefit the victims and first responders of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

We found an incredible couple, who were terribly injured, and we’re donating to help them recover, and adapt to their new lifestyle.  Here’s a bit about them:

You can follow along with their journey on facebook. Also be sure to follow Sugar and Type on facebook to see how much we can  raise!

Patrick and his wife Jess were badly injured in Monday’s bombings in Boston, both losing limbs. Patrick and Jess got married last August in Boston.

If you donate, please mention “Sugar and Type” or buy one of our great products! The net profit from anything “Wicked Strong” on Society 6 or etsy will be donated to this fund. If you buy ANY item from the etsy shop in the next few days we’ll donate 15% to the fund.

To read more about Patrick and Jess click here or here or here. We’ll be keeping you up to date with any progress we hear about their road to recovery. Thank you!



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