excelsiorama typeface designed by UNY DesignersYou know how they say “it takes a village”? Well this village (AIGA UNY) got together and made something pretty fantastic. Over 30 designers contributed to “excelsiorama” a typeface by graphic designers living and working in “Upstate” (not NYC) New York. We each got to pick a letter (or number) and take our own spin on it, making the typeface fitting for every wacky situation. Check out this awesome feature on How Design. This project shows the power of having fun, and collaboration. Thank you so much to Tyler Fink for organizing this circus show (also fan girl time – how cool that I get to meet people like Tyler and all the collaborators through AIGA and design?) You can too – just join AIGA! (shameless plug).



Branding: Lindsay Stephany

I loved working with Lindsay Stephany to give her brand a little update. She came to me looking for something her offbeat couples would relate to and love. She wanted something whimsical, but quirky, and I’m in love with her color choices! I love finding the balance between the clients brand story, and my work. Finding that harmony always surprises me and I love seeing the results, and hearing about my clients journey’s! Be sure to check out her work!Lindsay Stephany Watercolor logo by Sugar & Type Lindsay Stephany Brand Board by Sugar and Type Lindsay Stephany Branding by Sugar and Type Lindsay Stephany Branding by Sugar & Type Sugar and Type custom wax seal photographer branding and business cards by Sugar and Type


Featured: Danielle and Andy's Wedding Suite

Collaboration is a wonderful thing. I recently got the pleasure of having some of my favorite talented friends work together on a very special wedding suite, my sisters!! My sister was really involved in the process, down to hand painting EACH PIECE OF PAPER (yep, she’s crazy ambitious). Her and her (now) husband even helped Amy of greengirlpress, pull each suite off the letterpress! Then, we sent the suite off to Audra Zaba to photograph it in the best way. Even though we weren’t all in the same room working on the project, it was so great to talk to these creatives about the project, and to see how each of us could bring our own special talent to it. Danielle and Andy's Wedding Suite by Sugar and Type

The suite was just featured on the lovely, Oh So Beautiful Paper, so be sure to head over there and see what my sister had to say about the process!