Fashion Forward: Sexy Cat Lady


So I’m definitely not a cat lady, I’m 2000% a dog lady, but I’ve recently met an amazing cat lady, who has inspired this post.

Cat-alyst Jean // Sexy cat lady – hell yeah!

Cat Cards // The artist inspired this post, I’m kind of obsessed with her – be sure to check her out!

Earrings // A subtle way to pounce around.

Flats // Feisty!!! MEOW!

Measuring Cats // Way to mix it up girl!

DJ Cat // If I had a cat, it’d be a DJ fo’ sho.

Cat Sweatshirt  // Perfect for snuggling up with your loved one (aka your cat).

Other Great cat stuff Video Cat // Cat Prints // Is your cat trying to kill you?  Buy here.

Got other favorites we missed out on? Be sure to post them to facebook! And of course – any dog lover finds!!


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  • Those shoes are too cute, and this whole thing reminds me of a shirt I saw at Target several months ago: cat head + saying “check meowt”.