Health and Wealth: Revolt Week 2



Working out can be hard. But after, you feel so accomplished! What’s even better? You can make it even more fun by putting a lot of thought into what you’re wearing – it’ll make your workout more fun, keep you motivated, and may actually benefit your workout (I promise I’ll explain!).

Bras // Lululemon says: What comes up, must come down. #truthbomb Be kind to your boobs!
My feeling, is if you’re by any means NOT flat chested – don’t skimp on your bra. Running with a non-supportive sports bra SUCKS. It’s uncomfortable, and literally makes you think “are we done yet?” throughout your whole workout. Not only distracting, but why not invest in an amazing sports bra that can make you MORE comfortable, make your workout more enjoyable, and hey – maybe you’ll be more aerodynamic 😉 You can also check your local running store and ask for something supportive. Be sure to check out the different qualities of each bra – if you’ve got a chest, I’d suggest going for a “high intensity bra” to keep those knockers in place.

Headband // Seriously a lifesaver. My hair is pretty much always a hot mess, and this headband stays in place – and doesn’t leave a dent, aka cramping my style. Super lightweight, and wicking! They have plenty of other products too, including compression socks, and bandanas for your dog!

Camelbak // While I’m not running far enough to need to bring fuel with me, I do run with a dog, and he needs some essentials – so I’m totally rocking a fanny pack.

Shorts // I used to HATE working out in shorts, because they always ride up, until I discovered shorts with built in underwear (I was so skeptical at first). If you’re not sure – go to marshalls and see if you can find a pair to test – believe me, you’ll be hooked.

Sneakers // Find a pair that feels awesome, and makes you happy – go bright! Why not!? The sneaker isn’t a place to skimp!

Waist Band // This is amazing! I want one so bad! It makes so much sense, and it’s adorable! If you decide to shop around OpenSky – be sure to check out our shop! 


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