Health and Wealth // Revolt Week 3

Week 3 of the Revolt Uprising is here! I wanted to talk about some tech- friendly gadgets today that make working out and being healthy more fun!


Temporun // An app that accesses your music, and categorizes it based on beat! Tell the app what level you’re running at, then it’ll DJ your run!

Jawbone // Who doesn’t love arm candy? This tracks your fitness throughout the day, and monitors your sleep!

Yurbuds // Headphones can be the pits, they fall out, they don’t fit, they hurt, they break. These are designed with active women in mind. That way you can jam out without any issues.

Gym Bag // This gym bag has got it all! Compartments for everything! I feel like I carry SO much when I bring a gym bag, a purse, maybe a laptop bag – but this is an all in one deal. Not to mention how cute it is!


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