Influence over Fame

I recently had brunch with two really lovely ladies, and quickly realized it should be more of a regular occurrence. First off, brunch is delicious (DUH) and second, getting out of the office and talking with like minded individuals brings me so much fuel!Gain Influence Not Fame

Natalie’s a wedding photographer in Rochester, NY, and her work is magical. Her ¬†work is primarily locally based, and she truly values the experience her customers get when they work with her. I’m not going to spoil all the juicy details of her brand experience, but working with her is so much more than hiring a photographer. She creates memories, she makes you feel wonderful beautiful things, and she has consistent beautiful messaging throughout. Her goal is to have an impact on those clients who choose to work with her, not to make some sort of global photography empire. Her success is not measured by her instagram likes, or how many clients she books, but by the influence she has on them. And let me tell you, she books a lot of clients. Thanks Natalie for reminding me how lovely brunch is, and for keeping me inspired!

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