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I’m so excited to finally be sharing more on the blog, it’s going to become a a true place for me to document my life, my business, and things that make me happy.

Last weekend, my sister hosted an Olympic themed party. Our trip to the grocery store took just about two hours…. but it was SO WORTH IT. (Locals – have you seen Wegmans new “pick up” shopping, if so, how do you feel about it!? Speaking of Wegmans, next time you party plan, use the app – saved us so much running around!) My sister encouraged everyone to dress up as an athlete, or show their nation’s pride. There were some awesome USA pride! I quickly realized she’d need some food labels so I grabbed a marker and quickly made some labels, a super easy DIY in a pinch!

Olympics1 Drink of Champion // Vodka, Soda, and lifesaversolympics2olympics9
Because everything is cuter in a mason jar and with a paper straw.  olympics4olympics8Notice a color theme? Everything represented one of the colors from the Olympic Rings.olympics Fun fact: Dressing up like a snowboarder was a no brainer for me. I taught snowboarding with some amazing people for about 4 winters. It was SO fun, and I learned so much. The best part of dressing like a snowboarder was not that I didn’t have to buy anything, it was the socks (and sweatpants!). What’s the consensus – who looks older, and do we look alike?! olympics6 Our friends representing Curling, how epis is that?! DIY at it’s finest. olympics5 Making “Olympic Rings” took my sister hours, and she ended up with only a handful in the end, which were demolished in minutes. olympics3olympics10If you aren’t on the “beet” wagon, jump on it! Beets are so healthy, and so delicious! Perfectly paired with Slutty Brownies (jokes!).

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