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Sugar and Type Passover
Happy Passover! Yesterday I shared my first ever DIY for passover! If you’re not sure what Passover is, you probably didn’t watch the Rugrats as a kid. But lets be serious, Passover is a jewish festival that commemorates the jews freedom from Egyptian slavery.  The festival lasts for seven days. In my parents house, these 7 days consist of delicious leftovers from our Sedar held on the first night. Monday night, my family gathered together at my parents house, and had a really nice Sedar. You’re supposed to drink 4 glasses of wine, and my family likes to sing covers, and play “Jewpardy”. There’s even a point where the “kids” (we’re NOT too old to play) look for the afikomen, which is a piece of matza hidden in the house, and it’s always a riot, we tear the house apart. Matza is unlevened bread (think crackers), and we eat this for the 7 days to remember the journey the jews went on when they left Egypt. They didn’t have time for the bread to rise, and so Matza was born. My families holidays are about delicious food, and spending time together, and we had a lot of fun. Look how fun our table turned out! I’m swooning over the black, gold and white china.I found the cups at a garage sale and bought all of them to match my mom’s China – she flipped! Her plates are all mismatch, they’re so fun. Sugar and Type Passover Sugar and Type PassoverSugar and Type Passover Sugar and Type Passover

If you haven’t tried Matza, try it covered in chocolate! I’ll be posting a delicious recipe soon! How fun is this depression glass my mom put her tulips in?

Sugar and Type Passover




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