Milestone Wines

Gregg and Ilana Playful Summer Wedding   Milestone Wine Bottles by Sugar and TypeI’ve been feeling the urge to create for myself. So I did. Pretty simple, right? It’s graduation time here, and a few of the students I’ve worked with are graduating. Their passion and curiosity is contagious, and I love how they tackle any challenge – it never seems to scare them when they’re faced with a creative problem. I crave that. I decided to take a day off, and revisit a project. Wine labels! I love working in black and white, but as we approach my two year wedding anniversary, it’s really fun to revisit the bold colors from my wild wedding flowers. I definitely have to make this project for a few weddings I’m attending this summer. I used our wedding invitations as the inspiration, and created a series of three wine labels for my husband. One to (hypothetically) open on our wedding day, one to open the day we close on our first house (which actually happened a year BEFORE our wedding), and one to open the day we buy clomid online for celebrate our pregnancy (one day!). Adorable, right?! I love this project because I can personalize it for each one of my couples, for the milestones I know they look forward to, and their style, and of course their taste in wines! It’ll be fun to pick wines from the year they met, or got married in, and it’ll be fun to pick what part of the country the wines are made in (hello Finger Lakes!). I had fun incorporating my lettering and my sisters watercolor into the “new home” one, and playing with the wording for each one. Drink Up!!!

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