Perfect Gifts for Llama Lovers

I’m sure you all saw your facebook feed blowing up with loose llamas last week. Of course, my phone blew up with friends making sure I’d seen the mysterious captivating creatures. They are pretty dang adorable. Yes, llama therapy sounds amazing, does this mean I also have that effect on people (maniacal laugh)? This event also prompted a lot of google searches including all things llamas. When a friend sent me a link to 21 Perfect Gifts for Llama Lovers, I noticed that Buzzfeed missed a few critical llamas pieces that have graced my possession (or wish-list).

1) Llama Salt and Pepper Shakers from Archie McPhee ($10) I found these through the talented Shauna of Nubby Twiglet, and immediately purchased them. Archie McPhee has amazing customer service, and I’ve heard the actual store is just incredible. (Image via Nubby Twiglet)

Salt and Pepper Llamas

2) This amazing print from Water In My Paint ($16.41) Yep – this is hanging on my wall, and I’m obsessed, it makes me smile every time I see it (which is all the time). Water In My Paint Llama

3) Llama Pajamas – Don’t worry, no llamas were harmed during the making of these pants.

Anthro Llama Pajamas
4) Gold Lasercut Plastic Necklace ($20)  – comes in turquoise too! I made this, it’s available in my shop, so I’m baised, but I wear it with everything. Sugar and Type Gold Llama Necklace

5) Llamas are Llovers // Llamas Spit On Mean People Posters ($15)
Llamas Spit Poster

6) Boho Se Llama Tank (24.99) Yes please!
Boho Me Llama Tank

I could literally go on for days, I even made a pinterest board just dedicated to Llamas, because they’re that great.

If you’ve got a favorite llama item be sure to share it with me! And because I’m so excited about Llamas – go ahead and take 15% off the etsy shop with code “llamalover”!

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