Rule The World Planner 2015

I am SO excited to share the 2015 #ruletheworldplanner with you! I realized I never really talked about why I started making planners, so here it is! When I was in college, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of ideas I had for projects, the amount of homework I had, and the amount of crap I carried in my bag! I always had notepads, sketchbooks, tons of pens and pencils, and of course, a planner to keep track of due dates, important dates, appointments and so on. As I started to simplify my life, I wanted something I could throw in a purse, and carry with me all the time. There are some AMAZING planners out there, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, in my budget, with what I needed included, and since I loved office supplies & design so much, I figured I could make something. My first year, I just made a couple, and printed them on demand. I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only one who felt the need for this type of organized system. In 2013 as I planned 2014’s edition, I dreamed bigger, ordered more, got a new printer, and sold it on etsy. This past year, I asked questions, and made tons of changes to the planner, found a new way to print, and feel really happy with where the product is headed and how it can help other people stay on their toes and achieve their goals. If you ordered one this year – THANK YOU! Each order fills me with so much joy and makes me pinch myself – EVERY TIME! If not – get on it because they’re almost gone!!!! Click here to purchase, or to find out more about the planner and what’s inside!
Planner_desk 5x7 Planner_week 5x7 Planner_month2_5x7 Planner_Month 5x7 Planner_Front page_5x7 Planner_dots_5x7 Planner 5x7

Photography by Audra Zaba Photo.

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    • Hi Laure,
      Unfortunately we’re completely sold out! We’ll be launching new products really soon though so stay tuned!

  • Do you have any plans to make a August – July (school year) Rule The World planner? My roommate has one of your planners and I love it. But I still have a few more years of grad school left and for my own organizational purposes, like to have a planner that spans the entire school year. If not, I’ll probably end up getting one of yours for 2016!

    • Hi Hillary, we’re all sold out! But we’ve got some great organizational tools in our etsy shop! Be sure to stay tuned on instagram @sugarandtype to see the 2016 planner updates!