Spokes and Ink // Brave Buffalo

Kate’s here again today to share the Spokes and Ink submission from Brave Buffalo! I hope you marked your calendars for the event! I can’t wait to purchase ALL of these amazing prints! Brave_Buffalo Spokes and Ink

Brave Buffalo is a design duo based in Buffalo who share more than just artistic talent- They shared a womb! These twins are the creative force behind the “Only On Monroe” promotional poster series found on Monroe Avenue. Their “Save a Polar Bear” poster is for sale at Spokes & Ink on June 7. 

Spokes & Ink is a festival that celebrates community, cycling, and creativity.  Now in its fourth year, this event draws hundreds of bike lovers– from everyday commuters to occasional cruisers– to hear live music, drink local craft beer, snag some poster art, and more.  Details are on the website.
Kate Edgerton works at Genesee Center for the Arts & Education as a communications specialist and is one of the organizers of Spokes & Ink.

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