September Inspirational Printable

Sophia Amaruso Handlettered Girlboss Quote

September is here! Back to school shopping, the leaves changing, and pumpkin spice buzzing! Fall in Upstate New York is gorgeous, so I can’t complain, but summer (as always) certainly flew by.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a new season, tons of goals, projects, plans, and using your planner is a great way to stay accountable! Take time today to pull out your planner, add any upcoming events, and don’t skimp on your high fives from last month! I love being able to look back at my accomplishments, and celebrate what worked last month, and focus on the positives! Set those goals for the month, and don’t forget – YOU GOT THIS! 


The Week Of Giving

Did you guys pop over to Jess Lively’s blog and see the giveaways she’s offering? I designed some fun printables for you to enjoy as you’re in the holiday spirit. I can’t wait to see what you create with them, I’m obsessed with what The Confetti Bar did with their print! BeTheLightBlack GiftTags LightCoral bethelight-gif1