Talking It Out with Ciera Design

I’ve been a fan of Ciera Design for a while, and it’s been great chatting with her a couple times here and there about being a freelancer. I was so excited when I signed up for a coaching session with her to talk about design, blogging, and balance. Talk It Out with Ciera Design

Ciera was AWESOME. It was so helpful to talk to someone who I could tell her been in my shoes, and that I was inspired by. Ciera was so easy to talk to, and helped me find clarity with the concerns I brought up during our first chat. I loved that we had both been in the exact same position, and she could totally relate to what I was feeling with my business. The best part was that Ciera helped me feel confident about staying authentic while trying to grow a small blog. She gave me some great advice, and I hung up the phone feeling ready and excited, instead of overwhelmed and over my head. Ciera is talented, kind, and a wonderful person to talk to. If you haven’t checked out Ciera’s blog, pop over to get some great DIY’s, design, travel tips, and more.

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