The List(s)


  • Competed in the Junior Olympics
  • DJ on WBER (the only station that matters)
  • Traveled to Italy, France and Israel
  • ran a 5K with a great friend
  • Taught snowboarding and competed in slopestyle and bordercross competitions
  • Went Surfing in the Pacific
  • Wakboarding
  • Competed in two cyclocross races (and got a gold medal!)
  • Camel Ride in Israel
  • Rode a Horse through Elisson Park
  • Saw two peacocks mating in Florida
  • Snowboard Camp at Mt. Hood
  • Swam with Dolphins
  • Snorkeled with Stingrays
  • White Water Rafting
  • Went to the Yankee’s World Series
  • Took a pole dancing class
  • Caught a ball at batting practice at a Yankee’s game



Goals List

  • Travel…everywhere!
  • Open a Design Studio
  • Complete a mini Triathalon
  • Learn to decorate cakes like a pro
  • Name a: crayola crayon, shade of nail polish, puppy, star in the solar system (stolen from Carolyn)
  • Learn to Trapeze (or at least try)
  • Visit Dog Surfing Dog Athon (Del Mar)
  • Parasail
  • Skydive in Weedsport
  • Indoor Skydive
  • Adopt multiple dogs/Rescue!
  • Get my Scuba Certification
  • Open a Design Studio/gallery space
  • See or own a Flemish Giant Bunny!
  • Dress up as a Playboy Bunny for Halloween
  • Ride an Elephant
  • Race for the Cure
  • Get my Scuba Certification
  • Write a Children’s book with my family
  • go to Lucky Fabb, Sundance Film Festival, and Alt Summit
  • Go on a Safari

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