Trending Thursday, Stud Muffins

There’s only a couple things more exciting than finding a really great bargain. And this weekend was all about studs.

The purse is from the clearance section at Target, and I loved it so much, that I bought it in two colors, which seems really unnecessary – but I’m sure I’ll use them both eventually. The shoes are awesome – Marshalls of course.
I didn’t realize I was on a “studs” kick, but I’m really loving them both! I don’t wear much color, so these are sure to bring a pop to any outfit!

What’s your most recent bargain purchase?

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    Olivia! I do love them! I bought Blister Block (made by band-aid) at the drugstore (it’s like a little deoderant stick thats blue) and you rub it on your foot and shoe and you’ll never get a blister again! Where are you located? Maybe they’re on zappos!?

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