Blog Crushin': Laid Off Mom

I’m so excited to be featured over on Laid Off Mom last week! If you haven’t seen her blog – be sure to check it out.

What’s your favorite thing about running your own business?
Being able to put in my own hours for something I’m creating.  It’s amazing the amount of effort and sacrifice you put into your own business.  I work harder because I know that the effort I put into this blog, will be given back to me ten-fold.
Advice for fellow entrepreneurs?
Always have the mindset that you can do better.  When you think you’ve given 110%, give more of yourself.  You’ll be amazed at your ability to keep bettering yourself.  And never doubt yourself!  Self doubt is a dream killer.

Can you share a recent favorite read or find (could be music, a blog etc.)?
Smart Creative Women I was turned onto Monica Lee through my friends Joy, MJ, and Paige…and she’s got these amazing interviews and videos of women who are just taking their career lives by storm! A big source of inspiration and motivation for myself!…I’m secretly hoping that she interviews me one day =)

What are five things you couldn’t live without?
coffee, a pen, my notebook, my family, my phone
What’s your favorite thing to do in your city (or about your city)?
finding and discovering new spots to think/get inspired, eating at restaurants, thrift shopping

Why do you blog?
I blog to share my creativity, my life, and my thought process.  Blogging has also given me an outlet that I never realized would affect me the way it has.  I’ve been able to find my voice, my style, and where my passions really lie.  It’s given me the confidence to pursue dreams that I thought I had buried a long time ago..and some, that I didn’t realize I had.  I’ve also been able to meet a lot of people throughout the world that I otherwise, would not have met…had I not been blogging.

What is an interest, or something you’re passionate about (this could be a cause that you support)?
There’s no official group or organization for this, but I’m a strong advocate for pursuing your dreams & following your heart. Gone, are the days when you could go to school, get a job, and then expect to stay at that job forever. Our society thrives on innovation, ingenuity, entrepreneurship. We have the ability to create our destinies now rather than depend on someone to create them for us. The possibilities are endless if only we stop and look.

What’s your favorite “sugar” and what’s your favorite “typeface”?
Sugar?! I love anything CHOCOLATE! =) There’s a triple chocolate mousse cake from Extraordinary Desserts here in San Diego, that I like to have every year on my birthday. I purposely eat half of it, so that I can enjoy it some more the next day =)
Right now my favorite typeface is typewriter condensed & the only exception


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