Making A List Printable

Let’s be honest, the holidays are both absolutely amazing (some might argue the best time of the year), but they can also be super overwhelming. Print this list to help you stay organized this crazy wonderful time of year, no matter what you celebrate!


Valentines Day Coupon Printables

I’ve already told you how much I love Valentine’s Day in my last free printable, but I’m at it again! I couldn’t resist making some “love coupons” that don’t suck! I made a list of things I’d want in a coupon, and decided to just leave it blank so you could write your own!

DIY Valentines Coupon Printable
Yet another really easy one for you! Download the link at the bottom of this post, and print it on a heavy cardstock at home. There are crop marks included, so just cut it out, and fill in the blanks! I like to use an x-acto knife for cutting – the trick is to use a cutting board, sharp blade, and a ruler. The biggest tip for using a knife is to not cut all the way to the edges, just go right past the crop marks so that your marks stay intact, and your piece will pop right out, leaving one scrap to recycle. DIY Valentines Coupon Printable  DIY Valentines Coupon PrintableDIY Valentines Coupon Printable DIY Valentines Coupon Printable
What are you going to write as your coupon? Are you giving it to a friend, family member or significant other? I want to hear! Let me know on social media what you do with your coupons! I hope your day is filled with lots of chocolate! DIY Valentines Coupon Printable

Download the printable here and personalize your coupons!

Valentines Trail Mix Printable

As much as Valentines Day is a “hallmark holiday”, it’s always been one of my favorites. Reason being, my mom’s birthday is the 12th, and she always spoiled us on valentines day and the whole week became a celebration of love. She’s pretty crafty so she had fun helping us make valentines and all things hearts. I wanted to make some easy and fun Valentine’s for my friends, and decided to stick with my latest craze – trail mix! It was so easy, and you can totally make it your own! Sugar and Type Valentines Day DIYThis was so easy! I first decided what I wanted to include in my trail mix. I wanted to keep it simple, and of course I wanted to use M&M’s (because they’re the best ever). I love pretzels, so those were a must as well, and raisins and peanuts make for a good sweet and salty mix.

What you need:
Trail Mix (make your own, get creative!)
The Printable (I suggest printing on cardstock)
Cello Sleeves / Clear BagsSugar and Type DIY Valentines

You can download the card, I updated it to have a “to” and “from” line so you can keep track of who you want to give them to! One of my favorite parts about this is you can really customize it if you have friends with allergies – they like candy too! Sugar and Type Valentines Day DIYSugar and Type Valentines Day DIYSugar and Type Valentines Day DIY Sugar and Type Valentines Day DIYSugar and Type Valentines Day DIYSugar and Type Valentines Day DIYThis DIY is so easy, that the hardest part is not eating all the food before you put it in the bag!

Download the label here