Free February Coloring Page

Handlettered Inspirational Quote by Ilana GriffoThis month in the Rule The World Planner, I’ve included an inspirational quote from one of my favorite blogs, Lovely Indeed. Chelsea’s projects are so colorful and fun, and her quote is totally fitting! I’ve been craving more time away from the computer, and channeling my creativity in new ways, and Chelsea’s quote couldn’t come at a better time. “Make mistakes, make a mess, make something worthwhile”. Sometimes we get into such a routine, that we forget to make time to explore and experiment! I love art, and creating, but that can take so many forms! I’ve asked my girlfriends to do some craft nights with me, and I can’t wait to dive in! On my calendar this month is making pretty chocolate covered pretzels for Valentine’s Day (LOVE salty and sweet), glazing some ceramic bowls, and trying a few new classes at the gym. How about coloring? Grab the free printable below and tag your finished pieces on instagram! What creative projects do you have planned this month!?



Making A List Printable

Let’s be honest, the holidays are both absolutely amazing (some might argue the best time of the year), but they can also be super overwhelming. Print this list to help you stay organized this crazy wonderful time of year, no matter what you celebrate!



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