Winter Printables

free download printable handlettered inspirational quoteNovember was AWESOME. Gregg and I welcomed our son into the world two weeks early, and spent the rest of the month soaking up the amazing journey that is parenthood. We are wrapping up our kitchen renovation, getting into a routine again, and had a lovely quiet thanksgiving with our family.

I love this month’s quote from Myleik Teele from It’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s trending, or trying to convey a pinterest perfect life, but remember to be true to yourself, and take the world by storm!


December handlettered inspirational quote

There’s a lot to look forward to for December! Remember to use the monthly goals page to set your project list, and to reflect on your accomplishments from the past month (still fitting into your pants after thanksgiving totally counts!).

December’s inspirational quote comes from Joanna Waterfall, founder of the Yellow Conference. I love Joanna and had the pleasure of working with her many years ago. I dream of going to the conference one day! What an awesome reminder from her, keep flipping back to this page as a reminder of your value this month, and print out a copy to hang on your wall!


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August Inspirational Print

Summer is officially flying by (I know, I say that about every month), but with travel, and a ton of rain, it hasn’t exactly felt like summer over here! I’m just waiting for the sun to come out, so I can sit outside and read a book without a heavy sweater! I love August because I get to celebrate my wedding anniversary, and spend time at my favorite place, the lake!! Even if it’s raining, being at the lake house always leaves me feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Handlettered inspirational quote by Ilana Griffo

This quote from Paul Jarvis couldn’t be more perfect. It’s easy to let your personality take the back burner while you focus on your business, your career, your family, but it’s more fun to embrace those qualities, and let them shine! Those qualities make you special, they add personality to your business, they make your family smile, and they’re what makes you YOU! If you’re struggling with what makes you unique, stop looking, and start embracing your weirdness, and look no farther! Head over to instagram and tell me what makes you shine, and how you’re using the Rule The World Planner to KICK ASS this month!

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May Inspiration

Printable Inspirational Quote from Debbie MillmanI love May’s inspiration quote in the Rule The World Planner (I mean honestly, I love them all). Debbie Millman has been a source of inspiration for me since the day I entered Design school. If you haven’t checked her out, be sure to check her out, read one of the numerous books she’s written, and definitely listen to her podcast, Design Matters. Don’t forget to start making mistakes & taking risks, if you’re interested in trying something new, start documenting it in a small way – start sharing! Ask people to join you on your journey and find a place where you can revisit where you started – I bet you’ll be amazing in a few weeks to go back and see what you’ve learned!