Creative Crush // Arie Bikinis

Amanda Bowers introduced me to another Hawaiian talent, and I’m thrilled to have her here today. Seriously I’m gushing over these patterns, bright colors, pineapples, and the beautiful island view!

Arie Bikinis Arie Bikinis Arie Bikinis  Arie Bikinis Arie Bikinis Arie Bikinis

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS : ​My favorite thing about running my own business is I get to take it in any creative direction I want. To have the freedom of breaking out of corporate rules and social expectations. Plus is feels good being your own boss.

FAVORITE CANDY/TREAT : I must say my favorite candy/treat is chocolate! I love dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds!

WHAT’S A RECENT FAVORITE FIND :  My new favorite find is an album called “Anything in Return” by Toro Y Moi. So good! check it out, as well has his new song with Chromeo, “Come Alive”

TELL US HOW YOU GOT STARTED WITH CERAMICS AND YOUR BUSINESS : I got started with my business after I moved to Maui, HI from Phoenix, AZ. I studied fashion at University of Hawaii Maui College and then worked for other local designers such as Wings Hawaii and Tamara Catz. ARIE Bikinis was launched in 2010. ARIE is not only my nickname but an acronym for Art Remains in Everything. Sending a message to be a part of the art, to be free and live in a bikini! ARIE bikinis are made with love and aloha from the island of Maui.

ANY ADVICE FOR FELLOW ENTREPRENEURS : ​My advice for fellow entrepreneurs is be inspired and inspire others! And never give up!

WHO’S A FELLOW ENTREPRENEUR YOU’RE CRUSHING ON RIGHT NOW :  ​ My creative crush is this amazing jewelry artist, Keani Barnes with Keani Jewelry! check out her work at 

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