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Think All Day tagged Paper & Type as their creative crush, and I was thrilled. I reached out to Paper & Type when I first launched my business, and I’ve been following her since! Her work is beautiful, and I’m so glad to have her here today!

Paper & Type
Photography: Jennifer Ceci 

Paper & Type Paper & Type Paper & Type
Photography: Dabito

Paper & Type
Photography: Dabito

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS : ​​Simply that – that it’s my own!FAVORITE CANDY/TREAT : Ooh, I’d say my mom’s thit kho (pork and eggs) over rice, or a good bowl of tonkatsu ramen from the ramen shop nearby. Sweets-wise? Strawberries dipped in sugar, a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk, chewy caramel… I could continue.WHAT’S A RECENT FAVORITE FIND :  ​​Short Stack makes me smile. Each booklet of recipes brings focus to a special ingredient, and the cover art is witty eye candy. So far I’ve picked up the editions on Strawberries and Honey (naturally).TELL US HOW YOU GOT STARTED WITH STATIONERY AND YOUR BUSINESS : ​The world of paper goods has been a big part of my life. I was in first grade when my dad opened his print shop. I spent much time there poking around all the cups of ink colors and stacks of freshly printed paper, and all the machines that see a project through from typesetting start to booklet finish. While my educational background is in architecture, I’ve always carried along an interest in print design. When friends of mine became engaged just after college, I was happy for the opportunity to design their wedding stationery (I was happy for their engagement too, of course). From there, slowly and steadily I started taking on more custom projects, and took steps to make the business official, calling it Paper & Type. ​As for the greeting cards and notebooks I make, those got a push a few years ago when my friend Genevieve Santos proposed sharing a booth together at Renegade Craft Fair. We were accepted into the fair, so suddenly I had to create a line of stationery to sell. It was both exciting and intense, then rewarding to see the work received positively, and to meet directly with customers and fellow creatives in the community. I do have plans to continue designing products regularly alongside my custom work.

WHY DO YOU BLOG : Blogging is a way to catalog what’s inspiring me at the moment, as well as to share my recent work with readers. I haven’t been keeping up with it as frequently this year, but in the meantime have been sharing my interests in the short form via Instagram and Pinterest.

ANY ADVICE FOR FELLOW ENTREPRENEURS : ​It’s good to remember that every bit of the journey is a learning experience.

WHO’S A FELLOW ENTREPRENEUR YOU’RE CRUSHING ON RIGHT NOW :  ​ ​Marlene Franco! Her work, which is a perfect reflection of her, radiates joy and care. I love following along on her vibrant adventures, too. That girl’s got an eye for color.

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