Creative Crush // Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

This series was seriously genius. I get to talk with the most amazing people! I’m so excited today to share Shauna Lynn’s work! Her work is refreshing, and typically leaves me in stitches, Enjoy! Shauna LynnShauna LynnShauna Lynn Shauna Lynn

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS : The flexibility is wonderful. I have the ability to drive to my parents’ house last minute for lunch if I want, or if I have a morning where I am just not feeling creative, I can take a break and come back to my work later, and go ice skate.

FAVORITE CANDY/TREAT :  Gummy bears. But they have to be Haribo. All others are hacks.


Used books on Amazon! I have gone nuts in the last few months stocking up on some awesome finds. Also the local antique store is pretty awesome.

TELL US HOW YOU GOT STARTED WITH LETTERING : I loved tattoo art in college and tried mimicking the tattoo lettering style for several projects (and was successful!), mostly because the fonts I was finding just weren’t cutting it. I ended up creating more lettering without realizing it was a thing and at my internship at Brunet-García Advertising I had the opportunity to letter a poster for them (The World of Foote) which ended up garnering a lot of attention and launched my lettering career. It was that project that also made me realize just how happy looking at letters made me.

ANY ADVICE FOR FELLOW ENTREPRENEURS : Work hard, stay humble and get your work out there. Don’t be afraid to take risks. And stay sickening optimistic.

WHO’S A FELLOW ENTREPRENEUR YOU’RE CRUSHING ON RIGHT NOW : Mary Kate McDevitt, Jessica Hische, and Adam Grason. If you haven’t seen Adam’s work, you ought to, he’s got some killer color work.

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