This week I watched Marie Forleos Marie TV on How to Insult Proof your Ego. The Question was about dealing with criticism when you’re putting yourself out there everyday in your own business. Marie said “criticism comes with creativity”. She dropped this quote from Aristotle, and it totally sat with me that day.

Do Nothing - Sugar and Type

I’m learning to embrace both the good and bad as an opportunity to learn, even if it’s learning that I really hate doing a certain type of project, or learning that I want to do something more often! Constructive criticism is great, and there’s not a chance you’ll see me just sitting back and doing nothing, so I’m sure I’ll be facing plenty of criticism in my life. Some of it is really great feedback, but it’s always better when it’s said in a nice way. I’m going to keep creating work, continue sharing it, and if someone doesn’t like it – that’s totally okay!! People can say whatever they want, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day.

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