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A while back, Erin Flynn, Lindsay Goldner and I become virtual BFFs. Erin saw each of our unique strengths, and a collaboration was born.  We literally haven’t even gotten our feet wet, but we launched a test, and we’d love to get your feedback. We know how confusing the world wide web can be, building your own website, and starting your own business are not small feats, but we’re here to help! We’ve done a really small launch with our first theme, Beach Towel, it’s really simple, and we’re so excited to get your feedback! Beach Towel WordPress Theme

This theme is awesome because it’s SUPER simple, and it’s responsive, so it’ll look great on a computer, tablet, or phone! It’s perfect for customization, built for wordpress, and it’s definitely affordable.  The areas with sizes on them are places for you to upload your own pictures and graphics. If you’re not comfortable making your own graphics, feel free to contact myself ( or lindsay ( to help you design some incredible graphics for your new site! If you’re totally confused how to set up your site, let us know, we’ll be working on some educational materials to help you get your site/blog on it’s virtual feet.

It’s required to purchase the Genesis framework to use with this theme. Genesis is just $59.99 and you definitely won’t regret it. Help us out by commenting below and letting us know what you’d like to see from this project, is there a specific type of theme you’re looking for? Specific colors you’re loving right now? What about for learning? Do you prefer a pdf or video, and what have you been google searching for days about web design? We’re so excited to help you and see your new shiny website.

Click here to purchase the Beach Towel WordPress Theme

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