Don't Worry, Eat Cake

I am SO excited to share today’s post with you! My dear friend Katie and I got matched as Pen Pals a few years ago, and couldn’t believe our paths hadn’t crossed earlier. We went to the same school, same program, just a year apart! We grew up about 3 hours away, and had so much in common, including launching our etsy shops the same week. Since we met, Katie and I have become close friends, and we’ve been able to lean on each other for so many work-related ups and downs. I can’t stress the importance of having industry friends, it has quite literally changed the way I feel about my work, and my confidence in it. Today is a HUGE day for Katie, as her adorable Coloring Book “Don’t Worry, Eat Cake” hits the shelves!

Don't Worry Eat Cake

About the book:
Color your way through this feel-good reminder that it’s okay to just be, and if all you accomplish is getting out of bed and putting on pants, that’s fine. Don’t Worry, Eat Cake contains humorous, relatable, original mottos for an inspirational coloring experience that soothes the soul and helps you feel a little bit better about everything.



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