This past weekened was full of family and friends!
Thursday my family and I smushed into my mom’s car, and drove 5 hours to New Jersey. Our first stop was to visit my best friend, Jenna. While I wish I could have seen her for longer, and more exciting endeavers, we went to sit shiva, for the passing of her Grandma, who was a wonderful woman. It’s always wonderful to pick up friendships exactly where they left off, and I feel like Jenna and I can do that, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked or seen each other. More importantly, she has an amazing job and I’m so proud of her! She works on Sesame Street!!!!

The next day we FINALLY met the newest addition to our family, my baby cousin Ryker! It’s been a long time coming, and my family literally jumped with joy, and exhausted him with love and attention. It’s so great to see my cousin Jeff, and his beautiful wife Laura so happy, and with such a beautiful baby boy. He’s the first grandson, and the only Zatkowsky! Later that day, we met the other addition to our family (no less exciting) the third baby girl! Yael (yes like the singer), also a beautiful and healthy baby. It was so fun to have our family together, and play with the kiddos! My cousins are literally smitten with their babies, and it’s so wonderful to see!

That’s my sister holding Yael, and my Mom holding Ryker (look at those loafers!)

That’s Ryker and Danielle, how adorable!

That’s all the cousins! Crazy, the family just keeps growing!

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