Type Takeover: Font Couples


Last week, Christie talked about putting two typefaces together, and the relationship they create.

Let’s take a look at some amazing brands and how they’ve nailed combining two type’s, and why they work.

Kate Spade (hell yeah!) uses two wonderful typefaces in her ad campaigns, and the two make for a playful, fun & classic couple.
The typefaces identified: Futura and Baskerville.
Why they are so great together: Futura is a very modern sans-serif, and easy to read. It’s very “Bauhaus”, geometric, and symmetrical. Paired with Baskerville, a classic clean cut serif, they make a great team. These typefaces work wonders together. They compliment each other!

Do you have two typefaces you love together? If so, leave them in the comments?

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All images from Kate Spade Ad Campaigns

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