Health and Wealth: Revolt Week 1

This week, I started  the Revolt Fitness Program, and this month’s Uprising is “White Hot”.


The program, so far, seems really great. Nicole is your own virtual personal trainer, and the women participating are really on top of their social media game. My fiance’s been amazing running with me (I’ve got to get “complete a triathalon” off my bucket list), and it helps that Dizzy, our dog, likes to help us up that last hill at the end of our street.

Honestly, working out with a friend is fun, but at the end of the day you’re the only one accountable. I’ll be the first to admit, social situations, office parties, and everyday temptations make staying healthy really hard, but if you’re making good decisions most of the time, I’m giving you a virtual high five!

In celebration of this month’s uprising, I thought I’d share some things I find “White Hot” about Summer!

1) Wedges // I have pretty much given up on heels, and only allowed myself to wear wedges, it’s saved me a lot of embarrassment (aka I trip over my own feet… often). They can be super casual, and I love feeling on top of the world with those couple extra inches!

2) Picket Fences // My sister just bought a house, and we’re about to put up a fence for them so our dogs can run wild. Who doesn’t dream of a white picket fence?

3) Pool time // Yes Please! Gregg and I spent a couple days at Bethany Beach in Delaware (about 20 minutes from Ocean City, Maryland), and we spend most of our time there swimming in the Ocean. I don’t think this adorable swan would have made it in the 10 foot waves, but she sure is a cutie!

4) Peplum Tops // At first I was skeptical, but I finally found two that fit awesome! I found one with that has a small flare, and a high waist, which really accentuates my curves. You won’t find me wearing a white one, however, being an artist is messy!

5) White Kicks // I’ve had a pair of white sneakers sitting in my closet for years, yet I’m always terrified I’m going to ruin them – but I guess that’s the point huh? They NEVER go out of style.

6) Fresh Flowers // Unless your allergic, I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that fresh flowers are “da bomb”.

***I am a Revolt Fitness Program blogger. All opinions are based on my own experience. 

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