Life // Washington, DC

This post is long overdue. In January, to celebrate my friend Paula’s birthday, I went to visit her in D.C.



Paula took me to brunch at this incredible restaurant, Founding Farmers, and it set the bar really high for the whole weekend. The food was INCREDIBLE, and well worth the wait. Our food came so quickly, and was drool worthy. They also have a cookbook so you can make the recipes at home!

SugarAndTypeDC2 SugarAndTypeDC3

Paula got the Bananas Fosters Stuffed French Toast, and we were both tempted to lick the plate.


I got the “Red Flannel” Hash, which had Goat Cheese, Pan Roasted Red Beets, Shredded Leek Hash Browns, Poached Eggs, AMAZING.


Coming from a suburb, it was fun to explore the transportation system, I swear it felt like a time warp to Star Trek.


How cool is this Starbucks? It was freezing that weekend, so we made to sure to keep a hot beverage on hand.


We visited the Museum of Natural History, and the best part? There was a llama!!!!


The butterfly exhibit is fascinating! I remember visiting Butterfly World in Florida and thinking it was the best ever, and apparently, I still feel the same over a decade later.


In the picture above, every door is a different color – how fun!


Of course, no trip to a major city is complete without a serious cupcake adventure. Hellz yeah!


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