Too Legit

I’m writing this blog post in response to a post written by Erin at Art Social (my new FAVORITE Daily Read).

Erin’s doing this great project where she writes every Thursday about her very own Happiness Project, a great book, concept, and feel-good project.

“I worry about feeling legitimate,” I confessed. “Working in something like law or finance or politics would make me feel legitimate.”

Gretchen admits that even after achieving so many things in her career, she still didn’t feel legitimate. Erin talked about how this applied to her life. And here’s my feelings.

I’m 23, and I run my own business. I did great in College, and have a wonderful portfolio to show for it. I recently decided to pursue Sugar and Type as more than just a side project, and I should be proud. It’s definitely scary to be young and pursuing something I have definitely didn’t learn in school. The journey is definitely exciting, and keeping me on my toes, I can’t wait to share all the places it’ll take me!

Tell me how you feel legit in your career path and your life!


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