Wed Wednesday // The 5 "Do's and Don'ts" to Styling Engagement Attire

I realize it’s Thursday, but we’re celebrating Wed Wednesday anyway! If you haven’t heard of the adorable power couple, Amy and Jordan, prepare to swoon! Amy and Jordan are so kind, and so talented, and I’m so excited to have them share some tips today for how to pick outfits for your engagement session. We took our photos last week, and I spent DAYS staring at my closet trying to figure out what to wear, thank goodness our wonderful photographer was able to look at my pile of clothes, and pick out the perfect picks. 

We L-O-V-E photographing engagement sessions! There is nothing like capturing the excitement and emotion that comes with each and every engagement. It’s the one and only time in a couple’s life where they get to call each other “fiancé,” and it’s a moment that deserves to be celebrated and remembered.

One of the most common questions we get from our couples before their engagement session is, “What do we wear?!” so today, we wanted to share with you our five “do’s and don’ts” that can serve as a tool for anyone planning an upcoming engagement session.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Dress it Up
An engagement session is the perfect excuse to have some fun and really dress it up!  Think cocktail dresses and high heels for the girls and ties and dress shoes for the guys. If you ask us, there is no such thing as being “too dressy” for your engagement photos!

Amy and Jordan | What to Wear

2. Do Accessorize
The right accessories can add the perfect “pop” to your images. The camera LOVES big, bold statement necklaces on ladies and leather belts and watches on the fellas.Amy and Jordan | What to Wear

3. Don’t Worry About “Matching”
Even though it might seem counter-intuitive, we actually discourage our couples from “matching!” Each of your individual personalities should shine through what you’re wearing. Different colors and textures add visual interest, and they also make your photos look more true to life. You never walk down the street in matching black t-shirts and jeans, so why start now?! Just make sure the color tones compliment each other, and you’ve got yourself the perfect “match!”
Amy and Jordan | What to Wear
4. Do Layer
Never underestimate the power of a great blazer! Layering adds such great depth and dimension to your photos. Even though we live in Arizona, where most of the year, extra
layers are H-O-T, it’s so worth sixty minutes of discomfort in exchange for fabulous-looking photos that will last a lifetime. As we always say, happy wife, happy life!
Amy and Jordan | What to Wear 

5. Don’t Stress!
Wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and don’t ever stress about what you’re wearing. Stay true to yourself and make sure you feel comfortable. When you feel good, it shows! We truly believe confidence is the best accessory.

Amy and Jordan | What to Wear

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