Wed Wednesday: Black and White

BlackandWhite For some reason, I was really against black and white weddings, until I rediscovered them recently, and FELL IN LOVE!

1. Source // Macarrons are so delicious, and pretty! The best part – they’re gluten free since they’re made from almond flour! I love the vintage cake stand, and the classy black and white linens. White flowers really make the accent colors pop.

2. Source // The flowing quality of this lettering is so romantic, and quirky. I love the unique size.

3. Source // Calligraphy? Yes Please! Over the weekend I discovered that, while I love practicing my calligraphy, I’m not nearly as clean as I hoped to be. Since I create 90% of my designs on the computer, I was a hot mess working with tangible objects. While I take pride in doing what I’m good at, it’s always fun to try something new, and even become really great at it (or at least I hope to!)

4. Source // Banners are so “in” right now, and I just can’t get enough of them!

5. Source // Outdoor weddings make for such beautiful scenery, and location can totally change the look and feel of your decorations. The clear chairs are so fun and different!

6. Source // I’m all about these huge ballons and gold accents. Granted, I could NEVER live in an all white house – because it would only stay white for about sixty seconds (see number 3).

Lovin’ the black and white as much as we are? Post a picture to the facebook page!

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