Wed Wednesday // Bridal Shower

I finally know why it’s called a bridal shower. I left my bridal shower, quite literally, feeling showered with love. I was really hesitant to have a bridal shower, but I’m glad I gave in, and let a few amazing women make me and Gregg) feel really special. The weekend started with a surprise visitor (our officiant, and my babysitter from long ago) and I cannot believe the amount of ridiculous faces I make when I’m about to cry of happiness, I cannot bear to show you the hundred pictures I now have in my archives, of ridiculous faces. I’ve never been so excited about hangers, Tupperware, and cleaning supplies.

Sugar and Type Bridal Shower
HUGE thank you to Scratch Bake Shop for (as always) putting that something extra special on their dessert table. Everything was delicious! Sugar and Type Bridal Shower Sugar and Type Bridal Shower Sugar and Type Bridal ShowerPam Bernstein Llama
My dear friend Pam, made the picture above with pastels! You can see more of her amazing work in her etsy shop.
And yes – that IS a llama puppet, wearing a veil. PERFECTION.

Thank you so much to everyone that came, that helped, and for all the beautiful pictures and memories! Sugar and Type Bridal Shower

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