Wed Wednesday: Elisa and Mike

I am so excited to share my dear friend Elisa’s wedding with you today! I know you’ll be seeing more from her soon!


How did you get engaged?
Our engagement was a perfect recreation of our first date. The trip down memory lane started when Mike asked me to meet at the Bellagio hotel to see his parents who were supposedly in town visiting. It was finals week at UNLV and I had a lot to be studying, but eventually I agreed. When I walked into the hotel room I was in surprise to see hundreds of petals, roses, and candles through out. I wondered to myself, “either this is really awkward or Mike’s parents are not really here”. Sure enough, they weren’t and I was getting engaged! It all happened while overlooking the Bellagio water fountain show, just like we had done 2 years before. We celebrated at our first date restaurant, Prime Steakhouse, with plenty of dessert!

Where did you get married & when?
We got married at the sweet little chapel of Colgate Divinity School in Rochester, NY. October 8, 2011
What was the best part about planning a wedding?
The best part of wedding planning was the food & cake tasting! No pressure, just a delicious afternoon.
What was your favorite part of your wedding?
My favorite part of our wedding was watching my husband boogie down on the dance floor. Being a normally timid person, his pure happiness was evident. The sweaty pictures aren’t so cute, but I’ll cherish them forever.
Any advice for brides in the planning stages?
My advice: SOAK IT IN. Always remember to relish in the moment. There is nothing as special as finding your soul mate so don’t let stress over shadow it!
*Photography by Photokisses

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