Design Crush

I was SO excited I got the opportunity to meet with Patricia and Rachel of Primele, and Fawnsberg. Let me just say, these girls are amazing.

I asked Patricia, calligrapher and illustrator, how she got started with the idea of stationery and a creative studio. After graduating from RISD and not loving her day job, their sister Kim had the idea to put tons of ideas in a bowl. At the end of the week they ran through all the ideas, and landed with Primele. Within just a couple weeks they were off a running – talk about living the dream. Their passion and enthusiasm is contagious, as well as their easy going attitude. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate these girls coming to meet me and being so open with their suggestions for my upcoming line. They gave great feedback and advice, and I left feeling totally inspired. This sister team definitely sticks to what they’re good at, and they each have specific roles in the business.

Some of the best advice I got that night was referencing a quote from Seth Godin, encouraging me to “make stuff for your tribe”. Meaning I should make things that I like, and that other people will like it, trust your gut. They also preached to enjoy living, and don’t wait! Stop planning and start doing! So off I go!!!!!

The worst part – Rachel got stung by something during coffee! I felt terrible!


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