March Inspirational Quote Printable

Sugar and Type Inspirational Quote PrintableBetter late than never! This month’s inspirational quote inside the Rule The World Planner is from Arianna Schioldager from Create and Cultivate. Create and Cultivate has built an amazing community, and this quote really spoke to me, so I handlettered it, and included it in the planner. I find myself often thinking that I’m not ready to release something, and spend hours more tinkering with it. When you allow yourself to release something early, before you’re ready, you get valuable feedback, and give your self an opportunity to GET SHIT DONE! Is there a project you’re working on that you keep putting on the back burner? What steps can you take to push that project forward? Can you release just a portion of it? Can you talk about it online? Sometimes even just talking about it online, makes you commit to it. March is a great time to reconnect, and revisit your goals, if you haven’t kept up with your resolutions, check back in with yourself, and get to work; it’s never too late.  Goodluck and I can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

Download your copy of the printable! 

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