Type Takeover: Type 101


“Oh you like typography? I like maps too! Traveling is fun.”

Not quite. Typography is the design and use of “typefaces” as a means of visual communications.
Let me break it down for you.
Everytime you use “hobo” or “comic sans”, a designer dies a little.
As a Designer, I pride myself on finding the perfect match between types, to make your brand come to life. To find the perfect flow between your ideas and type.
I think we all know the difference between uppercase and lowercase, so we’ll skip that.
First let’s clarify. AIGA explains it perfectly. Most people have the wording wrong.
A “typeface” is a set of common characters. For example “Helvetica” is a typeface. This is also known as a “Font Family”. A font has specific features including weight (light, medium, bold/we’ll talk more about this later).
Make sense? Feel free to ask questions, and don’t forget that we’re bringing you a whole series about this, so stay tuned!
Does this sound foreign to you? No big deal, head over to Bedsidedesign where she breaks it down for you, blogger style!
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